About Me

I have been on a journey

For 20 years I have been on a return mission to myself. Healing from addiction, birth trauma, PTSD and a deep suffering in my own internal world I have learned the secret to making my life worth living.

Through the dark nights of suffering in your heart and your mind, there is a light that drives you to keep going.
What is that? Where does that Live in you?

The door only needs to be open a crack to find a way out of no way.
There is a path home.

A path to your deepest desires to be free;
to live a life that serves your highest calling.
This is the call of the warrior spirit.

I am your guide Warrior One. Come Home.

Whether it is addiction, infidelity, abuse, unrelenting anxiety or moments of outburst and panic, these are all callings of the Spirit to show you that there is more. More to life. More to Love and more to Be.

What would it be like to sleep through the night?
To wake up with peace in your body ?
To know how to speak your mind without defense?
To live in your intuition and values?
To experience abundance and joy and fulfillment?
What would be possible for you if you knew how to break the chains that bind you?

​I challenge you to find out.

Your journey home to You begins here.
With a call.
You and me.
Time to be heard and seen in your story and your pain so that you can open the door to possibility.

The isolation ends now.